7. května 2014 v 15:47 | Yuki |  English articles
Okay, how are you? just askin.
If you read my last article in this rubric, you know. Today i get my 1D bracelet from my classmate. Oh. I love him. Is black with pink text. I think it's a pink.:D but anyway I like iiiiiiiiiiit so much! And. Today... today is sad day too. My english teacher leaving us. I don't care what people say about me.

I like him. He teaching my favourite subject well. And now... we get some unknown teacher. Women. I don't like womens teacher. So, I don't know what say next. I listen Diana from MM album. One of my favourite songs. My best of best songs from MM is Strong, hapilly and best song ever, of course.:D So, it's all, I think. If I forget something I edit this article, so... bayiiii.^^
Please, don't look at my face, okay?

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