Sorry for my english, okay?

6. května 2014 v 17:06 | Yuki |  English articles
Okay. I'm sad.
'Cause tomorow is last lesson of english with my favourite teacher. He goes work to London as him was younger. I'll miss him. He's great teacher under sun.
Okay, just for me right? but... I like lessons with him so much. He think is funny, but he's not. :D And this is funny.:D I like warm up on start hour.
Yes, I don't like homeworks... but I doing so much homeworks if he stay! Just for end of year... okay. It's impossible, I know. And me and my classmate want take a photo with our teacher.
And yeah. I want start write any of my artlices in english, do you accept it? please. I want practise my english. I hope you don't care it so much. I create a rubric for this articles, okay?:D
so... what I tell as another thing? tomorow I get my bracelet with 1D from my another classmate!:D She buy it for me for my money.^^ I send you photo.^^


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